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Outdoor Dinner

Welcome to My Black Wealth group (MB Wealth group), where you will receive helpful financial information for wealth building. I am not a financial advisor, just sharing what I learned over the years. I also contribute via My Black Jewels (MBJ), used to inspire, encourage, and support black businesses, black health, and black wealth. Wealth is essential to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Wealth is not just about money, it’s love and support. We offer information and synergy for you to achieve your goals through information exchange. We meet every other Saturday via Zoom at 10 AM EST. You will receive a Zoom link and an agenda prior to the meeting. You are encouraged to share information in WhatsApp. You can also present during our Zoom meeting when you have a topic you wish to share or request a topic you want to be covered. Ask questions about any topic, from building credit to buy a car, to how to invest. Each person, whether new or a seasoned investor is encouraged to provide input to the group. We learn from each other. Don’t hesitate to ask, we will provide you an answer. We are family, we are Happy! We are Healthy! We are Wealthy!

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